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The tips are practical and very relatable.  The language is simple and casual.  It's like having someone sitting down, talking to you and relating her inspiring story.  I identify with Tip #3 a lot.  You have to love yourself and invest in your health and well being.  Allow yourself to become the best version of you so that you can better take on the world.

Jolene, Singapore

“Thanks so much Jasmine,

It has put me in the right track for successful living and truly, I’ve changed over in a month and I like this changed and like to continue going forward. Yes, your assistance is much appreciated.

Kind regards

- Joshs, Australia

I found Tip#5 to be an especially useful reminder for myself when I started getting overwhelmed and discouraged by problems faced at work and at home.

I especially like this piece of advice: "Do these simple things well and use that confidence to fuel you forward. "  Definitely going to start breaking the tasks down so that I can give myself little pats on the back instead of beating myself up when I take up too much in one go 😊

Sheila, Singapore

Many thanks Jasmine,

I particularly appreciated the ebook where you described stress and its triggers. I was very helpful to me 

I work in a stressful environment and I realize I'm in an urgent need to take care of myself accordingly

Thanks again for your help

You're lovely Jasmine

I can't tell how amazing I found your contribution to my life building

Let's keep in touch

- Salvator, France

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